Mister Sudoku game types

Mister Sudoku provides a lot of game types in different difficulties so that there is a Sudoku puzzle to solve for anybody!!
Check out the different game types!!


standardThe original Sudoku game.


jigsawA popular twist on the original with Irregular/Jigsaw shaped groups.


killerA highly addictive combination of regular Sudoku logic and arithmetic.


asterixStandard Sudoku, with the addition of an extra Asterix/Star shaped region.

Center Dot

center dotStandard Sudoku, with the addition of an extra region formed by the centre of each standard box.

Hyper Sudoku

hyper sudokuStandard Sudoku, with four additional regions.


offsetStandard Sudoku, with nine additional regions.

Sudoku X

sudoku XStandard Sudoku, with two additional diagonal regions.