Welcome to MisterSudoku

Enjoy our extensive selection of sudoku games, with types / difficulties and sizes to suit everyone ranging from first timers to seasoned experts.
Whether you prefer the traditional 9x9 Sudoku, or something a little bit more exotic like Jigsaw / Killer, we have games to suit your every desire and whim.


  • Wide array of game types to choose from (Standard / Killer / Jigsaw / X / Hyper / CentreDot / Asterix / Offset)
  • Multiple difficulty levels (up to 9) and sizes. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experts
  • All games can be solved using logic techniques. No guessing is required!
  • Each game has only one single solution
  • Huge selection of games (30,000+)


  • Automatic / Manual Pencil Mark modes
  • 'SMART' Hints to guide / teach you
  • Mistake detection / correction


  • Designed by Sudoku players for Sudoku players!
  • Easy to use interface
  • Optimized for fewer touches / clicks
  • Minimal distractions. No distracting graphics
  • Game Timer keeps track of your playing time
  • Works completely OFFLINE, so can be used anywhere

Download ‘Mister Sudoku’ today and experience Sudoku the way it was meant to be experienced!